FTJ acquittal blow to Zambians, says TIZ

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) says the acquittal of former president Chiluba is a blow to the ordinary Zambians and the fight corruption.


And PF leader Michael Sata has said president Banda does not believe in what his predecessor was doing.

He said Levy Mwanawasa’s widow Maureen has ably reminded the people of Zambia that Mwanawasa never condoned corruption.

Mrs. Mwanawasa said during the day that late Mwanawasa never associated with corrupt people even members of his family.

She said Zambians should remember Mwanawasa by abhorring corruption.
Transparency international Zambia president Reuben Lifuka said in a statement that the former president’s acquittal is a severe blow to several people and organizations in Zambia and across the world that closely followed the case.

Mr Lifuka said the acquittal of  Chiluba is a setback for the fight against corruption in Zambia and that it equally negates all that the late president Levy Mwanawasa fought for.

He added that the verdict of the magistrate has put paid to the seriously allegation made by the late president to parliament and confirms that African leaders are not ready to be accountable for their actions.

He says African leaders will use everything in their possession including political patronage to avoid being held to account for their actions in office.

Mr Lifuka says the weight of evidence adduced in court does not correspond with the verdict of the court.

He said that it is a shame that the magistrate, while acknowledging several instances where Dr. Chiluba used a public account for his personal gain, failed to arrive at an inevitable conclusion that the former president was guilty.

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