Fuel prices Increments to be announced after by-election

Fuel prices Increments  to be announced after by-election

The Patriotic Front (PF) Government has instructed the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) not to announce the increase in diesel and petrol pump prices for now.

This is to facility victory in the two parliamentary by-elections slated for 17 September 2020.

Sources close to State House, say an emissary was sent to instruct ERB not to announce fuel pump price increases to dupe people into voting for Patriotic Front candidates. The emissary who was detailed to be on the Presidential campaign entourage to Northern/Muchinga Provinces had to remain behind to negotiate with ERB Management and Board members.

Petrol will increase to K20.34 while diesel will increase to K19.97 which is been necessitated by the depreciation of the Kwacha. The latest depreciation by 9% brought the Kwacha to a 317% depreciation since the Patriotic Front Government took office in 2011.

These increases will take effect on the midnight of 18 September 2020 after the two parliamentary by-elections.

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    YCSS 4 days ago


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    SECRET_NI_2021 4 days ago

    Mwenya Kay >> UPND is too sleepy, naive and funny, even in sports competitors study each other and address the weaknesses and strengths. How UPND was caught unawares concerning the unauthorized man in the computer room, missing/ unsigned forms, violence during vote tallying etc shows that they don’t understand who and what they are fighting against. This and other unqualitative things just proves that UPND doesn’t know and understand what they are up against and they are not equal to the task peacefully and legally. UPND needs to pull up their socks peacefully and legally instead of only relying on pictures and videos of large crowds, slogans, press statements, Facebook posts, complaints and jokes

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    Kunda 4 days ago

    The situation we are in best description(mismanagement)basics how you rate how the economy is doing a decade back what was the foreign exchange rate & how is it now?meaning whatever you are buying you pay more than twice & then this fuel world market prices fail but here never decreased prices.There his a lot that’s needs to be done & here you can’t really blame covid because we are have everything big land small population,plenty of mineral resources.

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    Hezymore 4 days ago

    Poor Finishing (P F) Bamwankole

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    Chito 4 days ago

    Pf is working, it should increase it further for smother running of government

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    FuManchu 4 days ago

    And people keep believing that some place called Hell where living is worse does exist! It’s none other than life under PF governance! Aren’t Zambians currently feeling the pinch of a poorly managed economy and many are gnashing their teeth?

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    SECRET_NI_2021 5 days ago


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      andy job 5 days ago

      You crack head, i am sure you have no job or pay bills.

      • comment-avatar
        SECRET_NI_2021 4 days ago

        Andy Job…. IF YOU READ CAREFULLY I WAS JUST MAKING FUN OF PF… Its always good to read with a sane ind and not with emotions.. I am no crack head and definitely smarter than you. The kind of job i do is too technical for the Zambian market… Do you anything about Cross Filtering or Relational Calculus…If you do, then you are My Friend