Fuel prices set to go up

Fuel prices set to go up

A few days after the Energy Regulation Board approved the adjustment of electricity tariffs, the agency is on the verge of hiking fuel pump price by nearly 50%.

According to information obtained, the price of fuel will possibly be increased by the end of this week.

But opposition United Progressive People’s party president Saviour Chishimba has opposed this decision saying it will affect the poor.



We, in the United Progressive People (UPP), urgently and seriously urge the PF regime not to increase the Pump Price of Fuel by 48% this week.

UPP pleaded with the Government in December, 2016 not to increase the Pump Price of fuel to K21 per litre and we were happy that our advice was heeded to.

Nonetheless, it would appear to us that whenever the PF regime decides on a particular course of action it leaves no room for counsel on issues that affect Zambians. The 48% increase, as we have learned from sources, will bring to pass what we exposed last year.

There is no country in the history of the world that ever drove the economy out of recession by increasing the cost of doing business.

The people of Zambia are already struggling and aggregate demand in our economy continues to drop. Chicken sales have dropped by 30% because the cost of living has gone up sharply and suddenly. The drop in the consumption of consumer goods is an early warning sign of doom.

The PF has continued on a ruinous path of raising income taxes, increasing tariffs, imposing costly toll gates, among other harsh actions while maintaining the salaries of civil servants, defense and security personnel at the same level.

Our balance of payment remains unfavourable with a trade deficit of close to K1 billion. Jobs are dwindling and all other indicators on social mobility are in a decline mode.

Meanwhile, our nation continues to contract huge debts and yet there is no tangible change in the living conditions of ordinary citizens because more than 50% of borrowed funds have lined the pockets of the PF regime through corruption in partnership with bogus Chinese contractors.

Under the #BringBackOurMoney! anti corruption crusade, UPP urges the people of Zambia to demand accountability from the PF regime.

Let us ask the government #ShowUsOurMoney! Where have the billions of Eurobond dollars gone? Where have the billions of dollars borrowed from other nations, banks, individuals and institutions gone? Surely, the poor quality roads, which are being washed away are not worth over US$10 billion in debt.

The people of Zambia are now being subjected to high taxes and tariffs to pay for the corruption they have not benefited from.

The corruption of the PF regime is the very reason why they have lost the moral duty to govern – hence the call for early elections in 2018. Otherwise, Zambia will be driven into deeper troubles of which it will take many years to come out. Corruption cannot continue to be entertained as the way of doing business.

Justice on the K345 million Maizegate saga is still being delayed through various tactics. We have been calling the Chief Justice on this matter for over a month now.

God bless our nation!

Saviour Chishimba

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