Fuel runs out as power blackouts intensify

Fuel has now run out in most parts of the country with a few service stations reserving only a bit of petrol for account holders.

Meanwhile, power blackouts have become the order of the day but no proper explanation is been given by Zesco, other than a vague advert saying a machine developed fault and will be repaired in due course.

As per Zesco statement signed by Director-Corporate Affairs, Bestty Phiri, there are currently prolonged power blackouts are being experienced in Lusaka and all towns along the line of rail every day and only urging people switch of all appliances.

Recently, PF said they would only sort out power black-out in 2017.

The situation in smaller towns is worse as Zambians sometimes go without power the whole day. This is happening in the midst of the cold season when people need electricity most. Last Saturday, a lot of people missed the live football game between Zambia and Ghana on TV because there was no power – and ZNBC picture quality was pathetic.

On the fuel crisis, even the government controlled Times of Zambia has finally been forced to report some truth that Lusaka has completely run out of petrol.

According to Times of Zambia, Puma filling station on Cairo Road petrol had run out on Friday while the other Puma filling station also on Cairo Road had no petrol from yesterday afternoon.

Both Total filling stations on Cairo Road and Makeni had no petrol since yesterday while the situation was the same at Eugene filling station on Ben Bella Road in the town centre.

The only filling station that had petrol was Ravasia on Cha Cha Cha Road.

Energy Permanent Secretary George Zulu said the shortage was caused by a leakage on the TAZAMA pipeline and that 56 trucks carrying petrol and diesel have started arriving in the country from Dar-la-Salaam in Tanzania.

Mr Zulu said in an interview that full supply for all Oil Marketing Companies (OMS) started arriving in the country yesterday.

He said all the 56 trucks would have arrived in the country by today.

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