Fuel shortage hits Lusaka

Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, has been hit by another fuel shortage. Nakonde in Northern province also has no fuel. Petauke and Katete districts in Eastern province has had no fuel from last week.

By close of business on Wedensday, most filling sations in Lusaka had no fuel and motorists were queueing.

But Energy minister Yamfwa Mukanga told the government ‘mega phone’ ZNBC that he does not understand why there is no fuel in Lusaka and Nakonde.

Mukanga told the government controlled ZNBC that the fuel shortage can not be attributed to the shutting down of the Indeni Refinery oil in Ndola. He said Ndola refinery has just being re-opened.

Mukanga instead blamed Oil Marketing Companies. He said the Oil Marketing companies have stopped giving fuel on credit to filling stations and that was the cause of the shortage.


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