Fuel shortage hits Makonde

There is petrol shortage in Nakonde, with both filling stations available on the border town out of stock of the commodity. This has in turn caused cross border black market fuel dealers, who managed to get the commodity in the neighboring Tanzanian town, tunduma, to charge exorbitant prices. A 20 liter container of petrol is ranging from K250-300.
This is the situation since Saturday.
One wonders what explanation kambwili (hoe) will give, since everything is global. Some weeks ago, almost the whole country experienced fuel shortages, excuse given was riots by tanker drivers. But this is now turning out like the zesco loadsheding going on. First it was water as an excuse, God being might as he is, the Kariba dam is almost full. But loadsheding is still ongoing. Or maybe banatunda benangu baja

Nakonde resident

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