Fuel shortage looming as Indeni shuts; Kabwe already hit

Fuel shortage looming as Indeni shuts; Kabwe already hit

Tankers taking 5million litres of oil from Zambia to Malawi

The crude oil importation deals entered by the PF government are finally being felt in various parts of the country through fuel shortages.

In Kabwe, motorists have been queueing for Petrol and Diesel for four days now whilst brothers and sisters in Malawian are enjoying the abundant fuel ‘donated’ by the generous neighbouring PF government in Zambia.

Sources in the Ministry of Energy have told the Watchdog that the situation is likely to worsen as the ship carrying crude oil imported by the PF government suppliers has not docked in Tanzanian port of Dar-es-Salaam forcing the Indeni plant to shut down the refinery on Monday.

The PF government is giving a few litres of fuel to selected oil marketing companies for the Zambia consumers and industries as they also have to fulfil the fuel promise to Malawi ‘within 90 days’.

Others in the energy sector have said that the PF government finds it profitable to import the commodity and resale it to other countries like Malawi.

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