Fugitives Barclays employee Pamela eludes police in Tanzania

Fugitives Barclays employee Pamela eludes police in Tanzania

ZAMBIAN investigative wings are frustrated with Tanzanian security authorities and Interpol for having “allowed” fugitive banker Pamela Gondwe sneak in their country without arresting her despite them being alerted on time before she landed. The CCTV shows her images, the Watchdog has been informed.

The crime squad feels frustrated but determined to get her arrested as the money stolen money has potential of affecting the country’s inflation.

An alert was issued an hour before the Ethiopian airliner carrying Pamela landed in Tanzania and authorities in that country confirmed and assured that the plane had not landed yet but was being expected.

It has also been learnt that shortly after the plane arrived some Tanzanian authorities agents confirmed that Pamela had been arrested upon arrival but surprisingly this information was withdrawn later. The security agencies in Tanzania reversed their confirmation of the arrest but the CCTV at the airport showed Pamela arriving in Tanzania.

According to security insiders the theft was reported shortly after 17:00hrs on Monday 10th June 2019 from Barclays Longacres branch. The bank is also being questioned as to why the matter was reported after 17:00hrs when actually the theft was noticed earlier around 13:00hrs.

“When information came it was immediately decided that we alert our international security partners because of the amount involved. We alerted all the boarder points. We managed to get immigration details all within 30 minutes. It was however established that she had just boarded through Lusaka international airport and her destination was Tanzania,” the source said.

The source said because of the amount involved, their colleagues from Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) took keen interest in the matter and really helped in alerting other international agencies. It has been deemed the quickest response and international alert made with assurance for cooperation worldwide.

It has since established that Pamela earlier travelled to Spain on a private visit with her Ugandan lover Mr Jonsen Erics. Otherwise all the employment records show that she is single.

The only hope now remains in the cooperation that Zambia will receive from its security counterparts in Tanzania.

The exact amount stolen from that bank is still not established as the $400.000 seemed exaggerated as it cannot be carried by a single person.
Preliminary investigation have so far revealed that Pamela had been hinting to her peers about her plans to disappear to some unknown destination. She has been cash hit lately and was owing a lot of financial lending institutions and individuals. She was slowly failing to cope with her high-fly lifestyle. The search for Pamela Gondwe enters.

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