Fundraising or averting road accidents ?


What is the main purpose of those speed cameras these foreigners and RATSA thieves are putting on our roads? Is it to fundraise or to reduce road accidents? To me it seems the main purpose is to raise money otherwise why is the emphasis on the amount of money raised from poor motorists as opposed to how many accidents have been averted?

And all those millions grabbed from motorists will go to Lebanon where the owners of the cameras come from. Seriously, what kind of country is this which gives even such simple jobs to foreigners? Any foreigner can just come and shit in Zambia and our leaders will be ok as long as they get cuts from the plunder.

I really look forward to a time when we Zambians shall rise above partisan and tribal affiliations to defend what is rightfully ours.

our police can’t manage traffic camera, you have to bring foreigners???!!


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