Furn City Chingola abusing credit reference bureau

Furn City Chingola abusing credit reference bureau

*Credit Reference Bureau Just lists anyone without counter checking as long as any of these big companies especially originating from SA tell them to do so. CRB has caused too much damage to a lot of innocent people by their negligent way of listing people without hearing their side.

Good morning editor, my name is Patrick Chali a resident of solwezi in North Western province, I wish to expose the unfair treatment I have received from furn city a furniture shop to be specific Chingola Branch. I used to be a regular customer for furn city since 2010 until 2014. I used to buy furniture from the Chingola outlet on hire purchase by then a branch was not opened in solwezi so they could deliver from Chingola to solwezi. On all separate occasions that I ever bought from them I had never defaulted my usual 3 months payment plan. To list a few items I bought for my house us know a defy upright fridge, a defy chest freezer, a wardrobe, a Sony laptop, and a tswana lounge suite. In all these deals I was a very loyal customer but one thing I noticed is upon completion of payment for any of these particular items I have mentioned, I could still receive postal mail from their sister furniture company in South Africa ( ellerine furnitures) that I had a balance which required me to clear for the item I got. I’d then make follow ups with the Chingola furn city branch to clarify about the mail’s but they would always clear me with an explanation that not to worry about those mails citing the reason that south Africa office was not updated in time after payment. This prompted me to slowly start shifting my trust to buy from their shop as it started making me uncomfortable. Now the problem is two months ago I applied for a personal loan from my bank ( standard Chartered) and upon Checking my CRB ( Credit reference bureau) , my loan was not approved owing to the fact that furn city has listed me for still ( falsifully) owing them a K2600 as a balance for a lounge suite which I bought in 2014 .

Upon being informed of this I called furn city Chingola Branch manager who very arrogantly informed me that yes I was blacklisted to borrow from any bank because I was still owing the named amount meant for the lounge suite. I thank God that I kept the receipts which I quickly scanned and forwarded the copies to prove my innocence and later on get cleared and proceed with processing of my loan application with the bank.

Upon doing that the furn city manager stopped responding to my phone calls until after about 4 days after I reported my issue to consumer competition and protection commission ( CCPC) when she responded and change the story that the balance was for the laptop which I got in 2012. I was so shocked and in response I posed a question to her how come I was not repossessed the item and secondly how possible was it that they still allowed me to get other items like the couch afterwards. she never gave me chance and upto now as we speak my name has not been cleared. My main reason for writing this is to expose these guys of thir dubious ways and unfair treatment of customers, I have friends who had issues of similar nature and have complained but before many are deceived by these crooks I want u to expose them .

I Will wait for the due process by CCPC to have my issue addressed but for now expose their crooked ways and save someone from going through the similar inconvenience I have gone through. Please forgive my English composition, I’m a mechanic by profession I don’t get to write usually but I hope my story will be heard.

Yours truly.

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