Gallant Zambian athletes neglected in Moscow, yet someone is building a sculpture

Gallant Zambian athletes neglected in Moscow, yet someone is building a sculpture

The International Athletics Association Federation (IAAF) World Senior Championships is under way in Moscow, Russia.

But the Zambian team is, as usual, in disarray.

Chipangama Jordan

Chipangama Jordan

Athletes representing Zambia in Moscow are Jordan Chipangama, who is also a US-based runner, Yvonne Nalishuwa of the Zambia Police and Prince Mumba.

Chipangama is shocked by the failure by the Zambia Athletics Association (ZAA) to support the team in Moscow.

He wrote of his facebook:

I can say with certainty that ZAAA is done. Its been over 24hrs since I arrived in Moscow, I have not met any of the two representatives, Prince has to act as a leader, on top of that, we seem to be looking like Farmers, we have no uniform not only that, we also have no running kit. A South African High school went to is a million times well organized than this so called Zambia. Just to give you a clear picture, I have declared a Nike running Flats, yellow in colour, grey addidas shorts, Red and highly faded vest (I will be introduced as Zambia) I feel insulted, I’m Representing a country at world Championship not a local fun run. I have worked so hard to look this cheap. Thank you Zambia, I am finally done with you unless you can put human beings in office and take away these ruthless lions.

Commenting on the fate of the gallant citizens who have been neglected in Moscow, renown Zambian Athlete Carol Mutitya Mokola told the Watchdog that:

‘I feel sad to the young up coming athlete boy going through such on big event such has world championship, this reminds me of what happened to me during Africa Championship in Congo Brazzaville in 2004 where I had to do my own registration of accreditation in the process I was attacked by thieves…

‘I would like to request our Hon. Chishimba Kambwili as well as all concerned Zambian citizens to look into the matter so that such an incidence does not reoccur.

‘I feel very embarrassed as a former athlete to see such a posting on Facebook.’

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