Gambian army commander refuses to fight for ‘president’ Jammeh

Gambian army commander refuses to fight for ‘president’ Jammeh

commanderThe deadline for Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh to vacate office as president has passed but he has refused to back down, probably wants to die with a ‘no’.

But his army commander has refused to fight for him as regional forces led by Senegal are preparing to invade the country known as the ‘smiling coast’.

Gambian army chief Ousman Badjie said his troops would not fight Senegalese forces should they enter into the country, AFP news agency reports.

“I am not going to involve my soldiers in a stupid fight. I love my men,” he added, stopping to pose for selfies with admirers while dressed in fatigues, beret and green t-shirt, according to those present.

“If they (Senegalese) come in, we are here like this,” Badjie said, making a hands up to surrender gesture.

Adama Barrow, who beat him in elections last month, is due to be inaugurated as the new president on Thursday, but Mr Jammeh has ignored the deadline.

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