Gambia’s Jammeh to be taken out by force

Gambia’s Jammeh to be taken out by force

screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-23-15-06Yahya Jammeh, who lost elections as Gambia’s president but refused to hand over power will be hounded out by force in the next few hours.

This is very good. Elections riggers and plain fools like Jammeh deserve bullets to their thick skulls.

Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Togo and Mali have moved troops into Senegal, close to the Gambian border, to enforce the leadership transition if it proves necessary, said Col. Abdou Ndiaye, spokesman for the Senegalese army.

“They will enter [Gambia] from midnight at any time,” Col. Ndiaye said, adding that the troops included ground, air and naval forces.

The Economic Community of West African States—the regional bloc that includes Gambia—has said it would drop its recognition of Jammeh as the country’s president when his term officially ends.

Ecowas in December authorized a standby military force that could intervene if Mr. Jammeh tries to remain in office. Some observers, however, said they expect the bloc to continue its mediation efforts after his term expires, rather than send troops immediately.

The Economic Community of West African States, has mandated Senegal, which almost surrounds The Gambia, to spearhead military intervention, but only as a last resort and with the backing of the UN Security Council.

“We are ready and are awaiting the deadline at midnight,” Col Abdou Ndiaye, a spokesman for the Senegalese military added.

Regional leaders including former president John Dramani Mahama have tried unsuccessfully to get president of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh to hand over power to his opponent Adama Barrow who won polls conducted in the country last December.

In the polls, Mr Barrow won 43.3% of the votes compared with Mr Jammeh’s 39.6%. A third candidate, Mama Kandeh, got 17.1%.

Although Mr Jammeh conceded defeat initially, he later refused to hand over power, citing ‘inconsistencies” in the results declared by the country’s electoral commission.

He has filed an application in court for an annulment the results, requesting a re-run. The situation has brought about a lot of uncertainty in the country.

Many, according to a BBC report, have fled the country whilst as many as five ministers have resigned.

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