Game ranger short dead

A Park Ranger has been short head in Liuwa Plains National Park while on duty.

Dexter Chilunda was short dead by suspected poachers Friday morning. He lives behind a wife and children. Chilunda was making checks in the Park when he was shot dead


Commenting on the death of his colleague, one ranger told the Watchdog that ‘this is a man who placed his life in danger for a K1500, leaving his beloved family behind.
‘These officers work day and night facing notorious poachers who are armed. They have fire exchange nearly every day with armed poachers and yet they are paid a simple K1500. When they try to talk to the Government, they are arrested, The Director General threatens them that “you will all be fired”
‘The Director General was moving in all Zawa offices country wide threatening the officers as that’s the command he got from Government.
What is the Government really doing about these men and women who put their life in danger?

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