Game scouts continue suffering


Dear Mr. President,

It is now clearly confirmed that you really lack leadership and you have no vision or direction for this country.


And it is Also clearly confirmed that you have actually destroyed plans and vision which your predecessors had belt. As a President, do you really understand both politics, macro economics and microeconomics altogether? Mr.President Lungu, in the quest of National Development, or at any given place of work, what do you think in your own understanding is the most useful and needful resource as the tool to drive and implement economic development agenda? If you would claim that you know the answer how possible then that you may keep employees who are in this case in point described as human resource for 6, 7 and others this is their eight months without SALARIES and you expect economic development growth of the country? Mr President, do you really know what cost that this has on the production of good and services in the growth of economy? As a result of frustration of employees across the country in the Wildlife sector, do you really know how much worth of Wildlife the nation has lost and still loosing in a day, week, month and year? After your presidency, 20 years down the line if you will hear that Wildlife in Zambia had dramatically depleted, are you going to be surprised? Mr president, are we the only ones complaining of not getting paid by the government in this country? What about the roads you claim to have belt, have you paid the road contractors yet? Is it not the fact that most roads that are under construction have been stopped or abandoned due to non payment by your poor government to the road contractors? Now if the people who are working day and night making sure that the country should have a best tourism industry who are in this case in point are the CRB s community Scouts and Wildlife Police Officers can be made to stay for six to eight months without SALARIES, would you say you are fit to be the President of this country? Or what would be your legacy? How are you going to enforce labour laws to the private sectors in terms of SALARIES payment if you yourself fails to pay your government workers timely? For your own information Mr President, the nation Wildlife is now being poached heavily than anticipated earlier. To my fellow victims in the game management areas you have seen by yourself what type of leadership you are currently have in power that does not recognize you as vital employees and the entire people living in the GMAs across the country. You share this information with your families wherever you are that come 11th August, 2016 we altogether put in UPND government (HH). Let’s all demand for our full arrears and not paid half. We are also human beings who feel pain. Let’s continue with poaching we have started and do not intimated by some of these yes boss uneducated workers of the department of national park and Wildlife because they know they are not educated can not go anywhere if chased. Let’s educate our chiefs over this so that they can sensitise their subjects.

Withhold my name

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