Garbage in, garbage out

By Kalonga D Haciwa

Often abbreviated as GIGO, this is a famous computer axiom meaning that if invalid data is entered into a system, the resulting output will also be invalid. Although originally applied to computer software, the axiom holds truth for all systems, including, for example, decision-making systems.

The Zambian people I guess wanted a holistic change, and now change has come.  Whatever change we wanted, it has now finally come and we are now experiencing the effects of change.  If it means swallowing a bitter pill or embrace and enjoy new good governing policies, we just have to do that!  We were given a chance to choose as to who will lead our country next, and the majority electorates said; we want PF.  What we inputted on the day of general elections is related to the outcomes we are experiencing right now.  Be it good or bad, the truth of the matter is that we chose what we want to input into the government system and the results are directly proportional or related to what we inputted.

May I request all concerned and well meaning patriotic Zambians to be non-partisan when looking at real economic issues and challenges the nation is facing?  May each one of us look at the recent changes and see whether they really add value or not to the Zambian economy.  Mind you, misplacement of priorities and resources can cause problems even if the undertaken development was of good cause to the nation.

Below are some of the few issues to help kick-start the much needed, realistic and on-going reviews on the current developments;

  • Re-alignment and creation of new districts and provinces in the name of decentralization
  • Rebasing of currency
  • Repossessing privatized government institutions
  • Re-enforcement of the Public Order Act – No political rallies in a young democratic dispensation
  • Re-alignment of government institutions and ministries…..Road Development Agency (RDA)
  • The worthiness of PF manifesto (….90 days…..BRA…..corruption….)

After doing a complete and realistic review on the issues raised above, we shall be able to know whether our inputs were good or bad.  If you plant mangoes, you shouldn’t expect to harvest oranges but mangoes again. This GIGO theory applies in everything we do in life.  So let us be very analytical and be well informed before making a final decision more especially on issues of macroeconomics. Please when electing or appointing someone into an office, let this theory be applied.

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