Garbage in our compounds

Garbage in our compounds


please publish this picture of uncollected garbage at Chainda market in Lusaka.This is a place of business and daily living where people spend their lives. This kind of picture is common place in most compounds and places across the country.

Little children are born and raised in such kind of mediocre,harsh and contaminated environments and we hope somehow that they will one day snap out of this mediocrity and seek a better standard of living for themselves…That is a fallacy….Like breeds like.

Generations born and subjected to such low standards of living -lower than animals -will pass the standard to the next generation and will be perpetuated for generations to come and seen as normal…What is disturbing is that even with such lower and dehumanizing standards in most places in the country,you have a government that believes that even with this kind of life, they are running the country very well…What a shame!!

These politicians need to pause for a moment and imagine that it was them and their children that where subjected to such conditions…Leaders worth the salt, get to such levels of soul searching in order to change a generation…Zambia has so many broken pieces  which if fixed would see this economy pick up and progress towards poverty alleviation and a better life for all.

What Zambia needs is serious planning, supervision,a firm legal framework, policies, private sector incentives and legislation that enable and incentivize individuals and corporations to participate fully in pushing the development agenda.

A government should not attempt to develop a country on its own….It is the public and private sector partnership that does the job.

Zambia does not need outdated and empty concepts like INDECO to move the country forward. Such concepts at best are useless and only serve as special purpose vehicles for creation of dead wood employment for cadres belonging to a political party in power.We also call upon  Journalists to participate positively and seek to contribute to the development agenda by highlighting such important issues affecting the common man and set the platform for such progressive discussions.

In doing so, they should help hold our leaders accountable add pressure on those that lead to deliver on the development agenda than writing about individuals like GBM and HH everyday to make paper sales.Let us say NO to mediocrity and demand progress.
GM- Lusaka

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