Garry Nkombo and 11 others arrested in L/stone, Sata orders police to arrest HH as well

Garry Nkombo and 11 others arrested in L/stone, Sata orders police to arrest HH as well

President Michael Sata has ordered the arrest of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and have already picked Mazabuka UPND MP Garry Nkombo and eleven other UPND members over the death of a PF cadre, a Mr. Chanda, who is among those transported from Lusaka.

There is growing tension in Livingstone over the death of the PF cadre who died after they (PF cadres) attempted to storm the UPND camp along airport road last night and started to throw stones and other weapons.

Mr. Nkombo and eleven other UPND members are currently held at Livingstone central police station on orders from president Sata awaiting charge of murdering the Lusaka based PF cadre.

But police sources say Mr. Sata has ordered the arrest of the UPND leader Mr. Hichilema, who was live on Mosi-o-tunya radio station when the PF cadres stormed the UPND camp.

Fresh violence again broke out Monday evening in Livingstone between UPND and PF cadres in resulting in the suspected death of a PF cadre named Chanda of Lusaka.

Sources within the police service indicate that drunk PF thugs drove to the UPND camp in Mosi-o-Tunya area and attempted to burn down the UPND camp resulting in confrontation.

The PF cadres who went in a number of government vehicles including ministerial and other trucks started throwing stones and other weapons at the UPND campaign center at the time the UPND team were having their meals.

The UPND team retaliated and defended themselves resulting in a number of vehicles that the PF team took being heavily damaged in the scuffle and the eventual death of suspected PF cadre Mr. Chanda who is among those transported from Lusaka.

At the time of the violence, UPND president Mr. Hichilema who was the main target survived because he at radio Musi-o-tunya for a live radio interview and PF cadres wanted to take advantage thinking the UPND cadres had deserted their camp to escort their leader to the radio station.

Police say the situation would have been bad had the UPND cadres also followed Mr. Hichilema to the radio station because PF cadres aimed at burning down the entire UPND camp.

Police have since moved in to control the situation but there are no reported arrests so far.

Chongwe MP, Silvia Masebo is the PF campaign manager for Livingstone by election while Mazabuka MP, Garry Nkombo, is leading the UPND team.

PF has transported a number of thugs from Lusaka who are causing a lot of violence after drinking opague beers from PF candidate Lawrence Evans’ brewery.

The Watchdog revealed that government has directed the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to give Ng’ombe Brewery belonging to PF candidate Lawrence Evans to make more beer for free distribution to cadres and residents resulting in violence in the area. See story here.

Police sources also say PF thugs in are being given UPND regalia to wear in the night and cause violence to Livingstone residents and later blame it the opposition UPND.

PF and some police officers now want to blame the UPND for the death of the suspected PF cadre like was the case with Obvious Mwaliteta’s house boy who died in a road accident in Livingstone and a PF cadre who died in Runfunsa ward by-election when PF thugs killed each over money.

Sources also say PF are sensing defeat in Livingstone and have now resorted to violence through Mr. Mwaliteta with a view to create sufficient grounds for an election petition where they intend fielding another candidate.

PF have been determined to win a seat in Southern Province in order to claim national identity.

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