Garry Nkombo, outstanding UPND MP

981169_1064806290268192_8279522833964925736_oIf there is one MP whose loyalty to the UPND can not be questioned, it is Garry Nkombo, the law maker for Mazabuka.

From the timeIMG_1227 Nkombo left MMD to join UPND, his loyalty has been without a dent. We can vouch for him. We speak of things we know.  We know the weak, suspicious MPs in UPND. Here we are only talking about his loyalty to the party and leadership and nothing else.

We know Nkombo has been tempted severely but he has defeated the tempter PF admirably.

It is this focus, dedication and loyalty to his party and leadership that exasperates the PF.

The PF can simply not understand that a Zambian can refuse money, state-of-the art vehicles and a ministerial position in preference for being an opposition MP.

This is why, while Nkombo was busy introducing his brother Miles Sampa to UPND supporters at Monday’s press conference, the PF were busy creating a fake facebook account in his name.

It is a pity that the government can even spend public money to create and pay adverts in US Dollars to promote lies. Why would Nkombo object to masses joining the UPND when he, like all UPND members want their party to form government? What we know is that Nkombo is one of the UPND officials dismantling PF by recruiting important figures. We know these things. We know who is doing what.


At some point, the PF tried in their usual lies to create an impression that Nkombo wanted to be UPND vice-president. That was the time when Geoffrey Mwamba took up the role of UPND vice-president for administration.  If only the PF knew what role Nkombo played in bringing GBM on board, they would shut up in shame.


Now they are saying Nkombo is not happy with the alliance between the Democratic Party and UPND, yet it was Nkombo who was the master of ceremony at the event.

To Nkombo we say, well done. You are  truly a principled politician; few can survive what you have gone through.


After realizing that their fake facebook account on Nkombo has achieved nothing, they created another fake account in the name of Hakainde Hichilema.

Sadly, they can’t even spell Hakainde correctly but ended up writing Hikainde.

There is indeed panic in PF. It is clear that the PF has no campaigners anymore.

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