Gawa bans wife exchange practice

Gawa bans wife exchange practice

PARAMOUNT Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi of the Chewa has banned sexual initiations like spouse exchange, commonly known as cidyerano, among other retrogressive cultural practices.

Cidyerano is a sexual practice where men exchange their wives for sexual variety, while ‘Fisi (hyena) concept’ is a sexual exercise in which parents employ a mystery man (hyena) to test sexual skills of a girl who has reached puberty.
The traditional leader said all bad initiations in the Chewa chiefdom will no longer be allowed.

Paramount Chief Gawa Undi identified seven cultural practices which have been banned to align Chewa customs with modern times.


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    Chilyata 1 week ago

    Gawa – why ban things that are accepted and have been allowed for centuries in our culture! Chidyerano involves consenting adults so why ban it? People will still do it anyway, and the foolish Chief and Thief will just drive it underground.
    Banning Fisi also means parents will be doing it themselves and will raise the number of cases for incest.
    Just because Gawa is a thief, it does not give him powers to ban cultural practices!

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    Dr. I.P.A. Manning 1 week ago

    In my suggested Commons (customary area) Charter for the Zambian future, I included the following:

    2. Women to be protected from child marriage, assault, rape, sexual cleansing, wife exchange (cidyerano) and removal of their possessions on the death of their husbands, and a vigorous program implemented of birth control assistance and the education of women and girls. The violence of a patriarchal society is revealed in the massive percentage of men who assault their partners. Women are the true guardians of the land, and of the future.

    3. Women to be registered usufructuaries of customary land.

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    Paulos 1 week ago

    Shut up Jazzy! You are just behaving like a monkey!

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    james Bond007 1 week ago

    Well done Chief.

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    what kind of nonsence was this traditional practice.useless Easteners????????

  • comment-avatar
    jazzy 1 week ago

    that’s why i hate and detest easterners they are very stupid and backwards they think like rats (MBEBA)

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