Gays rights must be protected – US envoy

US Ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella says the United States believes the human rights of all people including gays and lesbians must be protected.

In an interview on human rights to coincides with the release of the US 2012 Human Rights Report, Ambassador Storella says all people must be treated equally and fairly, and that the U.S opposes laws that unfairly impact any group of society be it a religious minority, ethnic minority or gays and lesbians.
He says this does not make them less human being nor does it change their entitlement to human rights or government’s responsibility to protect their human rights.
And Ambassador Storella has hailed what he has described as a remarkable tolerant Zambian people.
He points out that there very few countries in the world that have 73 tribes and have never had tribal conflicts.
Mr Storella has since encouraged Zambians to continue building on the tradition of tolerance.


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