GBM and team head to Mpulungu

On his Facebook page, UPND presidential running mate Geoffrey Mwamba wrote:

Today our programme takes us to Mpulungu…

I am thinking of a Zambian child going to school in our rural areas especially the far-flung areas…I recall the eager look to learn on the faces of the pupils we met at Kasakula Primary school yesterday as well as the determination of the two hard working and dedicated teachers, doing their level best in such poor conditions and environment.
To all teachers faced with such challenges and are still passionate to train and teach our young children, our future leaders of Zambia, our hats off to you.

There is urgent need for a long term solution in fixing of our education system.
From infancy and adolescence to adulthood, education provides the necessary skills and values for one to participate productively in the development of their communities.

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