GBM and team wind up day with another huge rally in Wusakile

GBM and team wind up day with another huge rally in Wusakile

GBM and team pounding Wusakile Constituency on the Copperbelt Wednesday evening. GBM was accompanied by Bernard Mpundu, the Provincial Chairman Elidha Matambo,  Gabriel Namulambe, Gladys Lundwe and others.

Earlier GBM vowed that his numerous court cases will still not derail him from carrying out his campaigns.

Mr Mwamba yesterday appeared at the Lusaka Magistrate Court in Lusaka for a case of illegal drilling only to be told that the case could not take off.
He said he is aware that his opponents think that court cases will derail him from campaigns adding that they are mistaken.

“I was at Court this morning in Lusaka Just to be told that the case is not taking off, I imagined what could have happened if I had not gone to court. Yes, maybe I could have been cited for contempt but I made sure I took half a day break off the campaign,” Mr Mwamba said.

“It was nice being with my wife Chama and my siblings including my grandchildren, even if it’s just for half a day. I was back by 16 Hours and went straight to Chamboli where I was given a thunderous welcome by abena Chamboli.”

“I was so touched that a family living in Chamboli came to the rally I was addressing and asked the Party officials for help to bury their brother whose body has been lying in the mortuary for six days because they had no money to buy a coffin,” he said.

He added, “When the Party officials informed me about the family needing help, after the rally, I was so touched. As a leader seeking office to serve the people of Zambia, I felt as a Party we had an obligation to help the family bury their beloved one.”

“Going to the funeral house revealed to us that the family had no food and as a result mourners were not spending time at the funeral house to comfort the bereaved. I am so happy that the family will tomorrow be able to put their beloved brother to rest and that the family has food to feed the mourners.”
Mr Mwamba urged those that have to share and help others live better lives saying that is the goal to build a better Zambia.



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