GBM and the immature state of Zambian politics

GBM and the immature state of Zambian politics

I don’t subscribe to the notion that the civility exhibited by western politicians is due to longevity of democratic systems in their countries, the real reason is merely maturity – which seems to be lacking in Zambian political circles.

The recent resignation of Goeffrey Bwalya Mwamba aka GBM as UPND Vice President and his quick rejoining of PF with a sole purpose of de-campaigning his former President Hakainde Hichilema shows the immature state of our national politics.

Firstly, GBM has the right to join any party at any given time, the real problem is the how, when and why. As in the case of his resignation from UPND and having cited his reasons for leaving the party, a mature politician would have informed his former party members, publicly announced his resignation, given himself enough time to assess his options and joined a party of choice on principle. Alas not Mr Mwamba who at the time of his press briefing made mention of how he was re-joining the Patriot Front not seeking a party position but with a sole purpose of de-campaigning his former colleague, HH – An action i find not only to be immature but backward too.

The real questions to be asked of GBM are;
– Will de-campaigning HH improve the economy, will it stabilize our falling currency value, will it reduce our foreign debt, will it reduce political violence, will it help seal lacunas in our constitution, will it help seal loopholes in our electoral system, will it solve the power deficits and reduce the soon to be hiked electricity tarrifs, will it help alleviate hunger caused by this season’s drought? If none of the above will be achieved then he is pointing his barrel and spear the wrong direction and needs help on where to point them to.

Sadly the GBM kind of politics are the ones Zambian voters have embraced and are paying heavily for, a kind where an enemy of your enemy becomes an ally, where convenience counts more than principle, where those that resign from parties or are expelled join ardent enemies of their former parties or form their own political parties out of anger and grudges; Miles Sampa, Harry Kalaba and Chishimba Kambwili who seems to have built friendship with UPND out of convenience just as GBM has done with PF.

Overall, the politics currently practiced in Zambia are so immature and a sheer circus that reasonable citizens should not take serious.

Mbanga, Irvine Ilukui.
Fayetteville, Arkansas.
United States of America.

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