GBM bemoans poverty, neglect in Mpulungu rural

GBM bemoans poverty, neglect in Mpulungu rural

He says:

Our visit in the remotest areas of Mpulungu today revealed total neglect of people living in the rural areas and unequal distribution of wealth across the country by the Patriotic Front government.

On Chilila island we found a dilapidated two classroom block without windows, doors, desks and a blackboard yet children yearning for a brighter future sat under the tree drinking Asip as they eagerly waited for their teachers whom we were told are untrained and just volunteers.

13765909_1174427645942968_4980947325347250564_oThe same class room block is what thousands of children on the island depend on for their education.This is the state of affairs on Chilila island yet President Lungu claims that his government has developed infrastructure in the country.

As UPND we take education as an equaliser and an investment leading to higher quality of human capacity.

We shall ensure that schools are improved and equipped at all levels including those in the rural areas.This includes accommodation and other basic needs that make life better for both pupils and teachers.

Later we visited Isoko and Chitimbwa village also in Mpulungu Constituency and found people living in abject poverty with no access to safe and clean drinking water , poor health and education facilities

I must mention that President Hichilema has travelled and campaigned across the country during the period he has contested as President meaning he has an in-depth understanding of life and poverty in the rural areas.
This is how UPND has developed the ten point plan to address issues affecting people’s lives and their surroundings.
The plan will also break the cycle of poverty and lift people out of poverty.

Give us a chance to govern and you will live better lives.

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