GBM boycotts receiving Sata at airport, again

GBM boycotts receiving Sata at airport, again

File: GBM with Sata at airport in the past when all was well

Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) Friday afternoon boycotted welcoming President Michael Sata when he arrived from Japan and South Korea.

GBM was also missing at the airport when Sata departed 12 days ago.

It is a practice and show of loyalty for ministers and other bootlickers to line up at the airport when their president is arriving or exiting the country.

GBM has not been missing these events until 12 days ago when he became embattled.

But Wynter Kabimba who is fighting to alienate GBM from Sata was at the airport behaving like the prostitute he is.

Sata arrived aboard a United Arab Emirates plane that touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at about 14:45 hours.

He was accompanied by his wife Christine Kaseba, Minister of Foreign Affairs Given Lubinda, Minister of Agriculture Emmanuel Chenda, Commerce  minister Robert Sichinga, Minister of Tourism s Sylvia Masebo, George Chellah his mouth-piece and a host of other state house workers.

Sidelined vice-president President Guy Scott, Acting president Finance  Alexander Chikwanda, Kabimba and service chiefs and other senior government officials were were at the airport to show loyalty to Sata.

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