GBM complains of ZAF interference in campaigns

UPND running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has complained that the Zambia Airforce has continued making his campaigns in Luapula and other Northern parts of the country difficult.

GBM has explained that he and his team have continued with thuer campaigns in Luapula and the north of the country, but complained that they are facing challenges ‘to carry out our campaigns on the ground as landing rights from Zambia Air Force are proving difficult’.

He explained that the Zambia Police, has nodded their  ‘campaigns and rallies in the province and as you are aware this is a campaign period and all parties have the liberty to be present everywhere in the country to sell their message to the electorate and therefore the means to get to them should not in anyway be curtailed, whether by land, water or indeed by air if the party has the means’.

GBM stated that ‘we shall, however continue and urge the ZAF command to do what is right and stop this procrastination and allow us to exercise our right of movement and assembly’.

He said the ‘Airforce is owned by the Zambian people to whom we are all selling our manifestos to, and the command’s actions may have serious ramifications not so far from now’.

He advised ZAF commanders  to stop thier partisan stance and ‘let us carry out our campaigns without hindrance’.

GBM vowed, that ‘We will continue despite this hiccup and have a good day’.

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