GBM confirms he is sidelined by Lungu team

KASAMA member of parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says Patriotic Front presidential candidate Edgar Lungu has sidelined him from party activities, but has warned that the consequences of that decision will be visible after the January 20, 2015 election.

Mwamba said he understood that people were keen to know his political direction.

“There is a lot of speculation and it is true that people would want to know which direction I am taking. And I have to be very open with the Zambian people that I have been sidelined by bena Edgar for reasons best known to themselves. I wouldn’t know why I am being sidelined,” he said. “But I am not worried about that because some of us, we have a career, which is business, and not politics. I joined politics merely for a service because I have love for not only the people of Kasama but the Zambian people as a whole. So them sidelining me is not something that bothers me at all.”

However, Mwamba warned that there were many consequences of sidelining him.

“Yes, as you would expect, there are so many risks of ignoring some of us,  not only because of popularity but also influence. There are so many risks indeed and I wouldn’t want to specify one. There are so many risks, which will show in future, which even them should be able to answer for me. At this point in time, I wouldn’t want to answer, but they can answer for me,” he said.

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