GBM defends nepotism in PF govt

Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba says whether president Michael Sata appoints relatives to cabinet or not and Zambians complain, nothing will change.

Mwamba was quoted by QFM radio Thursday afternoon saying that Sata is apppinting people who ‘fought’ with him to remove the MMD.

He said the filling of family members into public offices is not nepotsim as the people being appointed worked for those positiions.

He said even Willi Nsanda has not yet been given a job and wondered why other people should be appointed.

He asked where the people who are complaining of the nepotsim today were when the PF were campigning to remove the MMD.

He said people can complain all they want but president Michael Sata wil not change.

Recently, president Sata said he was in public office to serve not gain personal benefits.

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