GBM downgrades his threats on Watchdog

Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has revised his threats on the Zambian Watchdog.

On Monday, Mwamba told the government funded and controlled Times of Zambia that he will send security forces against the Watchdog if they do not retract a story he claimed they published about president Sata being hospitalised in India.

But after being challenged by the Watchdog not to wait for seven days but to go ahead immediately and mobilise the security forces, Mwamba held a press conference Tuesday afternoon where he said the government will sue the Watchdog for reporting that Sata was in hospital.

The Watchdog never published any story that president Sata was hospitalised in India. And even if it did, it is Sata who should sue in his personal capacity not government.

This will be the first time government sues someone on behalf of  a government official in a civil matter.





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