GBM goes underground as police continue hunt

GBM goes underground as police continue hunt


Former Minister of Defence Geoffrey Mwamba has gone ‘under ground’. The police want to nab him on charges of assaulting one of his employees. On Saturday, the police searched for him at his premises but could not find him. The police wanted to pick him and lock him up till Tuesday.

Acting police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed that police raided Mwamba’s Kabulonga residence.

Hamoonga said police officers conducted a thorough search at his residence in the presence of his lawyers and were not able to find him.

About 10 officers arrived with a search warrant at Mr Mwamba’s residence around 04:30 hours.

His lawyers, Sakwiba Sikota and Makebi Zulu, were present during the search and had advised the police that their client was not around.

The Police, however, still insisted on searching for Mr Mwamba.

“He was first summoned on Tuesday last week and he didn’t show up but offered an excuse to come on Friday but yet again didn’t present himself.

“We have been trying to get in touch with him using his mobile phones but all the calls have gone unanswered,” Mr Hamoonga explained.

But even as he was saying this, Himoonga knew that GBM agreed to report himself to the police on Tuesday. GBM’s lawyers wrote to the police that GBM was busy on the two occasions he was referring to but would be available on Tuesday after the holiday. The police even acknowledged the letter from Makebi Zulu.

The police are still hunting for him even today.


The police are under pressure from State House to arrest GBM using the excuse of assaulting his former employee Collins Mudai who until recently worked as Logistics Officer at Arizona, a company belonging to former

defense minister Hon. Geoffrey Mwamba.

The Watchdog understands that the Police are receiving instructions from State House through the IG. The idea was to arrest GBM and lock him up in Matero Police cells on Friday when he was supposed to report himself.

Evidence shows that Mudai, while employed at Arizona forged GBM’s signature to steal fuel worth K920.00 and this matter was reported to the Police the other week. This is what led to the alleged assault. Mudai reported the alleged assault a few days ago. But the police are not willing to arrest Mudai for the case of forgery even if it was reported first.


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