GBM has degraded parliament-Mumbi

Former Patriotic Front secretary general Edward Mumbi has charged that the PF is a big shame to the country’s politics.

Mr. Mumbi says the decision by Kasama central Member of Parliament, Geoffrey Mwamba to rescind his decision to resign is degrading to the national assembly.

He says it is disappointing to have a lawmaker who perceives an undignified act of gender based violence as normal and permissible.

He says it is disheartening to see the PF leadership allow such form of moral decay go on within the party and the national assembly.

Mr Mumbi says the PF has brought a lot of embarrassment to Zambia’s political front by tolerating an act of violence by one of their MPs.

Mr. Mumbi adds no matter how Mr. Mwamba might want to interpret his battering of his wife, the fact still remains that he committed a criminal offence that will land him before the courts of law.

He says the legal system in the country is very clear about such acts of violence and whether it was a domestic dispute or not he will have to answer to the law.


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