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It is very disheartening to read that Mr Mwamba thinks beating women is normal.  His behaviour is characteristic of an unaware, negligent and primeval human being, which I hope he is not.  If my assertion is correct then he is not suitable to be a leader or a legislator or indeed a husband.  The culture Mr Mwamba is holding on to is no longer valid in the 21st Century.  You do not batter your wife because you love her.  This notion is contrary to the values of love, care, compassion, forgiving.  Violence is not part of love.

He should take my earlier advice to drop out of sight into private life.  Women are not objects or tools for pleasure or mistreatment at will.  Women are a creation of God who must be accorded full respect and equal treatment with men.  Because other men batter their wives does not make it right.  All those men involved in this vice should stop the practice, it is archaic.

The Patriotic Front Party should deal very firmly with Mr Mwamba and should not treat him with kids gloves because he is a political leader and he cannot compare himself to everyone, he carries a responsibility to the nation, he should lead by example and he should not reduce himself to low levels of integrity. Gender violence is a very serious matter and should not be trivialized.

Parliament should not tolerate men who are violent against women or indeed who are violent at any time.  Mr Mwamba’s earlier decision to quit Parliament was a very honorable one.

The moral equation far outweighs the cost of a by-election in my view.

Rev Suzanne Matale


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