GBM, Lungu, commander rush to Barotseland, confirm arrests

GBM, Lungu, commander rush to Barotseland, confirm arrests

Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba has declared that Afumba Mombotwa and other Barotse activists will be dealt with severely because they have committed treason.

And Mwamba has confirmed that 45 activists have been arrested.

Mwamba, Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu and Zambia army commander Lieutenant General Mihova rushed to Mongu on Saturday when they heard that Mombotwa has been sworn is as administrator General of Bsrtoseland.

Mwamba accused Mombotwa and others of declaring a state within a state. He said it was treasonable and that once caught, they will all be dealt wit severely. He said the activists attempted to raise their own flag.

And Home Affairs minister Egdar Lungu said Bartose Activists are working under an illusion. He said no one would be allowed to dismantle Zambia. He said it was an illusion for Bartose activists to think that Western province is a separate country that belongs to them.

But the Bartose activists who appear to be targeting to raise their profile during the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly, which takes place next weekend, have declared war.

The activists have issued the following statement:

GBM (right) with Sata

GBM (right) with Sata

15th August, 2013


The Barotseland Intelligence Agency has received reliable information that the Zambian Government has now started ferrying military hardware and numerous soldiers to Barotseland in readiness for war. Trucks are seen in the night bringing weapons, cheating that they are going for trainings. This came out from the security meeting which was held at the PS’s office which was chaired by the Permanent Secretary Mr Emanuel Mwamba in Mongu on 07th August, 2013.

Therefore, we would like to tell the whole world that Barotseland is our heritage and we don’t need to ask for it from any one. People must learn to speak the truth. It is the foreigner who must leave us alone, and if it means dying for our country, we are ready to do so, and we believe God will receive our souls and grant them eternal rest. Zambia was supposed to prepare for the coming UNWTO, but instead they are preparing for war against Barotseland, whilst Zimbabwe is busy in their final preparations for the same event.

All Malozi wherever you are, this is a rare opportunity when you are required to manifest your bravery necessary to defend our nation and your support is very much needed! Let us stand up to lift our national flag with pride without any fear and intimidation.

This message is an official Ngongi resounding to all Barotzish Nationals both within and outside that we cannot afford to tolerate this nonsense any more. Our patience has expired and we will not let the Zambians kill Malozi like bubble fish of the first season. Now the message is that:

1)    Every Barotse living in the villages in Mongu, Kalabo, Lukulu, Sisheke, Kaoma, Shangombo, Sinanga, Sichili and Livingstone; prepare your weapons of any kind for the war has finally come. Cowardice is not an option for us anymore. Wa buta, miwayo, malumo, lilepe ni lilemano zeñwi cwalo, please use them for self-defence.

2)   Malozi soldiers in Zambia Army, Zambia Police and all the security wings; use your skill and weapons to defend your beloved nation Barotseland and its people without any compromise!

3)    Barotzish Nationals living in towns within Barotseland Kingdom; prepare your weapons as well for the only option left for us is to defend the boundaries of our beloved nation.

All the Barotzish should categorically know that “our enemy is Zambia (all the political appointees are your enemies, PF Part Carders and Police Officers)” and we must put aside fear for we have any right to nationality, and our nation is Barotseland NOT Zambia. We are not Zambians; we became Zambians by treachery and by possessing a green national registration card! Now that we have realised that we are not Zambians but Barotseland Nationals we are going to replace the green national registration cards with the Barotseland Zibahozo (IDs). It appears the language we have been speaking is not clear enough for the whole world to understand; we don’t expect Zambia to understand because they are mischievous rascals who only want to kill Barotzis for their fiendish pleasure.

Current Affairs

1)    In Kalabo 34 people have been arrested for the purpose of celebrating when His Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa was sworn in office the day before yesterday and now the Zambian Soldiers in Police Uniform are shooting their guns.

2)    In Senanga 7 people were arrested yesterday the 15th day of August, 2013 and one was short dead and several others wounded. The main reason why these were arrested was that they were celebrating the announcement of the Royal Barotseland Government.

3)    In Mongu 4 people were arrested just for celebrating also.

Tukongote wa mwana nongolo! Buye bu kache!

Fadeless K. Mafunsi

National Security Adviser

Barotseland Intelligence Agency

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