Defence Minister: No, those soldiers in Mongu are Zambian not Angolan

Defence Minister: No, those soldiers in Mongu are Zambian not Angolan

Defence minister Mwamba

Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba has confirmed that the soldiers that are hovering over Mongu and the Litunga’s palace are Zambian not Angolan.

And the Watchdog has been reliably informed that the Zambian government had a secret meeting with the Angola Minister of Defence Cândido Pereira dos Santos Van-Dúnem on March 8, 2012. It has not yet been established what the two governments discussed.

Maybe Panji Kaunda knew what he was talking about.

On Tuesday, deputy defence minister Panji Kaunda, whose father is at the centre of creating the Barotseland problems, said that the troops that were spotted in Mongu could be from Angola.

Panji Kaunda was reacting to revelations by the Watchdog that the PF government is sending soldiers to Western province to intimidate delegates ahead of the Barotse National Council.

But his boss Mwamba said that is not true. He told journalists at a press conference Wednesday that that the soldiers are Zambian and he revealed that more will be sent to Mongu on Thursday.

Mwamba claimed  that soldiers during their routine operations are sent to different parts of the country and that it is only coincidental that the operations this time around are being done in Mongu at a time the Barotse national council meeting is taking place.

Mwamba urged the people of Mongu not to be misled by what he called false reports being published on the Zambian Watchdog that the government has deployed troops to Mongu ahead of the planned meetings.

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