GBM none of your business, PF told

GBM none of your business, PF told

UPND national chairman Mutale Nalumango says the opposition party is comfortable with its vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s absence.

And Nalumango says UPND is not in any leadership crisis despite its leader Hakainde Hichilema being in detention for over a month.

Speaking when she appeared on Muvi TV’s The Assignment programme on Sunday evening, Nalumango said the party found it strange that the PF was peddling propaganda that GBM was seeking asylum outside the country.

As far as I know, I haven’t heard of him seeking refuge; all I know is that he is not physically available. I wouldn’t tell you exactly where he is but I would tell you that we are comfortable with his absence…The treason case must be totally out of the way,



And reacting to statements from the ruling PF that the UPND was in a leadership crisis following Hichilema’s arrest over a month ago, Nalumango said the opposition party was growing strong despite Hichilema’s arrest.


 Those that have been asking this question (of who is currently in charge of the UPND) have something behind their backs because we have never cried ourselves. We have had people say there is a crisis in the party [but] there is totally no crisis.  Let me take this opportunity to thank all members of the United Party for National Development for the unity that has been displayed…,

Nalumango said.


She added that Hichilema’s arrest and consequent charge of treason bordered merely on political spite.


“We think that Hakainde has been detained politically – there is no legal issue! There is a political issue. I was talking to a very senior PF lawyer who said that ‘the problem is that there is political treason and legal treason and this is a political treason and because it is political, it is very difficult to even draw a line as to who is innocent…’” said Nalumango.


“[But] it is my sincere prayer that no human being should be convicted on trumped-up charges because whoever has laid these charges against Hakainde knows in their heart of hearts that this is not the true matter to be brought even before the courts.”

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