GBM questions judges’ bravery

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba says his party doubts whether Zambian judges can make bold decisions such as the one the South African high Court has made.

The South African High Court recently stopped president Jacob Zuma from withdrawing that country from the International Criminal Court, saying the intention was foolish. The decision cheered South Africans.

Mr Mwamba says it can only take brave and independent judges to make such a decision in the interest of the nation.

He told QFM that as custodians of the law, judges are supposed to put national interest first whenever they are tasked to rule on matters of national interest.

And Mr Mwamba said the Zambian regime should draw lessons from the ruling by the South African high Court against the government’s decision to withdraw membership from the ICC.

He said the UPND maintains its position that Zambia should not withdraw from the ICC.
Mr. Mwamba said withdrawing membership will not be in the interest of Zambia but Edgar Lungu alone.

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