GBM reacts to PF’s hate speeches at the Kitwe rally

GBM reacts to PF’s hate speeches at the Kitwe rally

10620192_1006431416075926_3798197826275519200_oIt is very clear that our colleagues in the PF are on a mission to divide the country.

It is also very clear that they are not repented of their sins despite hoodwinking Zambians to prayers and fasting on 18th October. This is the President Edgar Lungu who was insulting on Saturday then went to hide in church the following day, which is mockery to God.

To all the Zambians that watched and listened to the PF rally in Kitwe addressed by Edgar Lungu himself and a number of their leaders it was clear the entire rally was full of hate speech, attacking citizens especially the UPND. And the live ZNBC TV broadcast is another case of abuse of public media because the PF did not pay for it.

What a missed opportunity when our people on the Copperbelt expected messages of economic hope especially in the light of massive job losses in the mining and other sectors.

At the rate our colleagues in the PF are going with their campaigns in the country, it is clear that they are politically irrelevant and are just mere jokers without any message for the masses.

As UPND, we shall continue with our issue based political campaigns of offering solutions and hope for the majority suffering Zambians unlike our colleagues who are busy blaming everything on other countries instead of effecting sound economic policies and take the blame.

We are happy that many Zambians watched for themselves the joke and comedy of the entire PF leadership that is ruling the country based on hate messages of dividing the country.

Zambians now want sound economic messages of ending powercuts, reducing mealie meal prices, reducing the cost cooking oil, teachers and health workers recruitment programme, solving problems affecting institutions of higher learning, reducing the cost of fertiliser for our farmers and many issues such as economic diversification and creating jobs as well as dealing with souring inflation.

This has been our message as UPND rather than dwelling on personalities and hate language which was even bad for our youths who attended their rally.

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba

UPND Vice-President Administration

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