GBM reconciles with Sata, PF cadres carrying coffin raid Post newspaper

Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) says he has now reconciled with president Michael Sata following the dismissal of Former Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba from cabinet.

And PF cadres carrying a mock Kabimba coffin yesterday raided Post Newspaper offices.

GBM says Kabimba was one of the reasons he resigned from cabinet because he frustrated him.

He told journalists that he was now ready to join Sata’s cabinet in any capacity because the person who frustrated him has been fired.

And PF cadres carrying a mock Kabimba coffin yesterday raided the Post newspaper offices as they went to mock Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe as well.

In what was basically a marriage of convenience, The Post newspaper became the PF’s main propaganda machinery from the time Levy Mwanawasa died as they wanted to remove former president Rupiah Banda from office at all costs.

The Zambian Watchdog warned excited Mmembe and Kabimba that they had no space in the PF government and that it was just a matter of time Sata would also ditch them like he has done with others they dont share blood relationship with.

But Mmembe and Kabimba’s cartel replied by insulting this on line media and also used state power to raid homes of journalists suspected to be writing for this media.

A number of journalists are currently facing various trumped up charges in the courts of law at the instigation of this same cartel using Director of Public Prosecution (DPP)’s office, Mutembo Nchito.

It was the Zambian Watchdog that first coined the word ‘cartel’ and warned Mr. Sata and Zambians about the existence of a team that was bent on usurping his presidential powers, but as usual PF cadres and others kept praising the Post for their ‘hard work’.

Even after being warned, Mmembe and Kabimba were sure they were the owners of PF and that they would take the presidency through Kabimba when Sata gives up power in 2016, but our prophesy has come to pass, that they were just wasting their time.

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