GBM remembers how Frank Bwalya referred to Sata as ‘Satan’

GBM remembers how Frank Bwalya referred to Sata as ‘Satan’

UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) posted the following:

A flashback. During the time of my persecution by the PF after I resigned as Defence minister, one Fr Bwalya was a constant guest to my residence and an ardent supporter.

He loathed PF and in particular His Excellency Michael Chiluf12063346_1010022755723219_2459132547406266552_nya Sata founder and creator of the party.

Today, Edgar has embraced him in totality and as chief campaigner and paymaster in the wanton vote buying from innocent and vulnerable voters that are intimidated and manipulated.

In the picture, he is carrying a placard insinuating Michael Sata as a ” satana judas and today he is embraced by the party.

In the nutshell, nothing is left of Sata’s legacy in the PF. So the ideals of the late President are neither here nor there.

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