GBM says campaigns going well

Good morning countrymen and women,

I am currently on a campaign tour for Hakainde Hichilema. I joined my colleagues, former first lady Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa, former deputy Speaker Mrs. Mutale Nalumango and Hon Felix Mutati, yesterday in Kasama.

We have had very successful meetings in Chipoka area of Nakonde and a mammoth rally in Mpulungu. The tide is definitely Forward with H H. We are continuing engaging the people of Northern, Luapula and Muchinga Provinces and then the Copperbelt.

I am, however, dismayed by the continuos false reporting by Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba on his page. It seems this young man has taken a personal agenda against me and my endorsement of HH.

I thought he had posted previously that the endorsement had negligible effect. Why then am i still featuring on his page.

The country knows that it is their intention to spin this matter to divert attention from the violent credentials of the Patriotic Front, particularly, with what happened in Shiwa Ngandu and Levy Mwanawasa Hospital.

The violence being perpetrated by these thugs have the blessings of the PF leadership. Currently the PF violence is so evident with cadres carrying all sorts of weapons, since the General Conference up until now.

I am not aware of any items carried on my vehicle apart from campaign materials, that included; Chitenge materials, posters, T shirts and flyers.

Have a good day as we continue spreading the message.


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