GBM says he is dismantling PF in Luapula

GBM says he is dismantling PF in Luapula

UPND vice-president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has dismissed as rubbish reports in the Daily Nation Newspaper owned by an ex prisoner Richard Sakala suggesting that he has put Hakainde Hichilema under pressure inorder to be adopted as running mate.

Speaking in an interview in Mwense on Sunday, GBM wondered why the PF was really panicking over UPND’s rapidly growing popularity to the extent of resorting to publishing lies in the news papers they fund.

“I am not aware that there is such a story in that paper. In any case I am very busy dismantling PF and telling people of Luapula what we are going to do for them as UPND when we form government this year. From harassing me politically, the out going PF and its not known papers have decided to publish propaganda against me and my president”, said GBM.

“Anyway, let them continue dreaming while we continue amassing people. My dear PF, is really dismantled in Luapula. Since we arrived in this province two days ago, more than 25,000 PF members have joined the UPND while our opponents are busy cooking news.

GBM confirmed that the UPND as a party has already settled the issue of running mate and that President HH will soon announce the name of his choice.

“My main aim of joining the UPND was not to become running mate but to deliver Zambians from the ugly hands of President Lungu. I think you are aware that today its 29th May and no civil servant has received his/her salary. This is despite President Lungu stubbornly increasing his salary and allowances while diverting the same money meant to pay civil servants to pay musicians and ferry carders at Hero’s Stadium where they cheated people that they were holding the event to launch the nonexistence manifesto”, he said.

“As UPND we are very serious and we have the manifesto in p-lace. So once we form government, delaying salaries of civil servants will be a thing of the past. I call upon teachers, nurses, police officers, soldiers and all other public workers to vote for UPND this for the betterment of this country in present and years to come. No Zambians should vote for Edgar Lungu and I am happy that the people of Luapula have assured of massive votes on 11th August 2016”, added GBM.

“Just tell President Lungu to start preparing handover lists for we are determined to win this election in the first round”, summarized GBM.

The Daily Nation has been panicking over UPND running mate and has so far adopted running mates for HH. Some of the running mates ex-convict Sakala has adopted for HH are Dr Christine Kaseba, Dr Mumba etc…

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