GBM says Judiciary is under siege from PF dictatorial regime

United Party for National Development (UPND) vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba(GBM)has charged that the judiciary was under siege from Edgar Lungu’s dictatorial regime.
Mwamba said Lungu’s expression of his desire for a third term in office and threats to the judiciary not to rule against his third term bid should leave no doubt in the minds of Zambians and the international community that the three arms of government are under siege of a brutal dictatorial regime.
He lamented that never in the history of Zambia has such a blatant and deliberate act of intimidation of the judiciary been seen.
‘Under the Constitution, the judiciary ought to be an independent arm of government free from interference or direction from anyone,’ Mwamba said.
Mwamba pointed out that Lungu’s message was loud and clear, that the Constitutional Court should decide the case on his third term bid in his favour or else there will be chaos in Zambia and that the PF would cause chaos if he doesn’t have his way.
‘This is not only contentious of the court but also a breach of the constitution. This has exposed Lungu to possibility of impeachment under Article 108 of the Constituion on grounds that he has violated the sacred law of the land by his careless and irresponsible utterances and on grounds that he has committed a gross misconduct,’ Mwamba stressed.
Mwamba has further appealed to all parliamentarians to rise above partisan interests and save the country from Edgar Lungu’s tyranny before it was too late.
He has also challenged the Judiciary through the Chief Justice to prove its independence by publicly condemning Lungu’s unwarranted attacks

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