GBM says Kasama voters should vote for a Bemba



Patriotic Front (PF) candidate for the Kasama Central Bye-election Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has advised the people of Kasama to vote for a Bemba and not a ‘foreigner.’

GBM has also said that MMD candidate Burton Mugala is a relative of president Banda’s wife Thandiwe and that is why he was adopted.

GBM said ‘Lozis for Western province and a Bemba for Kasama.’

GBM was speaking today (Monday) in Kasama on radio Mano between 12 and 12; 45 hours.

He said MMD candidate Burton Mugala is a foreigner from Moyombwe in Isoka district near Malawi.

He said Mugala does not know the Bemba traditions and the needs of Bemba chiefs.

He said Kasama needs someone who understands the requirements of chiefs in that area.

GBM brushed aside assertions that he is political failure saying he was funding the MMD during Levy Mwanawasa’s regime.

He also disclosed that he funded the election of Vice-president George Kunda as Member of Parliament (MP).

He said those who doubt his claims of funding the MMD and Kunda can ask minister of information Ronnie Shikapwasha.

Burton Mugala was a player in the Zambia national team in the 1970s.

The PF and UPND are sponsoring one candidate, GBM, for the Kasama bye-election as part of their electoral pact.

GBM is a Lusaka based businessman who owns a milling company called GBM and a fleet of buses.

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