GBM says PF inflating cost of roads, stealing difference

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and MMD President Nevers Mumba have resumed the Northern Province leg of their joint cross-country campaigns disrupted last week by a combined team of police and the Zambia Air Force Commander who ordered them to leave the province at short notice due to President Lungu’s anticipated visit to Kasama.

Featuring as guests on Radio Mano Community radio station this morning, Mr. Mwamba challenged the PF’s cost of road construction which they are budgeting at over US$ 1,000,000.00 (one million United States Dollars) per kilometre when the regional average is only US$ 550,000.00 per kilometre. He wondered where the balance is going to. It was US$ 470,000.00 per kilometre during the MMD regime.

The PF government have abandoned their much celebrated original vision of ‘More money in your pocket; More Jobs; Lower taxes’ in preference for ‘massive infrastructure development’ of roads, schools, clinics, government office blocks, etc which was in fact an MMD budget-controlled strategy introduced in 2009, which they have now highjacked due to the lucrative personal financial benefits accruing into personal pockets of known senior PF leaders who have ‘shared’ these projects.

It is believed that this was the main reason why the Road Development Agency’s functions were moved and are now at State House despite relentless criticism from civil society. This reckless approach has attracted alarm and concern from the World Bank and IMF who earlier this year advised President Lungu to suspend these projects as the uncontrolled expenditure was regarded as the main cause for the poor performance of the economy, characterised by the depletion of foreign reserves, the rapid deterioration of the dollar/kwacha exchange rate and the ever increasing prices of food and other basic commodities.

Dr. Nevers Mumba challenged the members of the clergy surrounding President Lungu to be courageous and always be honest with him to stop mocking God by calling for prayers when he is the same person presiding over a police force which is harrassing, intimidating and killing members of the opposition. He further cautioned them not to fall into the trap that a group of Ndola pastors who surrounded late President Chiluba (may his sould rest in peace) fell in and failed to tell him the truth but ended up deceiving him about the ‘Third Term debate,’ which left an indellible blight on his otherwise brilliant presidency under which the current successful liberalized economy, democratic dispensation and declaration of Zambia as Christian Nation were introduced.

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