GBM says PF leaders are liars, donates gratuity to Kasama

Former Defense Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has described Vice President Guy Scott as a liar, following his PF Government’s failure to start constructing a bus station in Kasama town as promised to the local people.

And Mr Mwamba says he has donated his gratuity from parliament to the people of Kasama.

Speaking on a live program on radio Mano Sunday evening, Mwamba popularly known as GBM said the PF administration promised to finance the construction of a new bus terminus in Kasama but so far nothing is happening at the proposed site.

The PF Kasama Central MP said he had offered K100million personal money towards the project but Local Government Minister Emerine Kabanshi totally rejected money saying Government will instead fund the bus station project in Kasama.

Mwamba said when he recently raised the matter in Parliament, Vice-President Scott lamentably failed to give a satisfactory answer.

Mwamba noted with dismay that from time Kabanshi’s lied that her government will release funds for the bus station things are not moving.

He assured people of Kasama Central that the will pursue the matter until the PF government honours its promise.

The Kasama law maker further pledged to use his K100million to start the construction of the bus station if government fails to do its homework.

Mwamba also complained that he is being frustrated by the PF Government from taking development to his constituency.

He said he has plans of setting fueling stations in Kasama but government authorities were refusing to grant him a go ahead with the project.

And Mwamba, who received applause from callers, said many Zambians have lost confidence in the PF administration due to poor leadership.

Mwamba said Zambians were fed up with the infighting in PF, which is not inspiring confidence to the citizens who are crying for development.

He said many people across the country feel let down by the PF government and this calls for members of ruling party to stop bickering and focus on important issues.

Mwamba however promised to be loyal to the people of Kasama central constituency who elected him to the national assembly.

Later in the evening, Mwamba posted on his Facebook account the following:

‘I have donated my entire gratuity to Kasama Central Constituency because that is where it rightfully belongs as people who voted for me. The gratuity will be shared equally among the 8 (eight) wards in Kasama Central. I am into politics to serve the people and I remain committed to this ideal.

As soon as I return to Lusaka, I shall write to inform the Speaker of the National Assembly to channel my gratuity to the people of Kasama Central who have made me to be what I am today. ‘

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