GBM says PF wants to use referendum to manipulate elections

GBM says PF wants to use referendum to manipulate elections

13268255_1097781423637345_2648604584312347178_o 13248501_1097781300304024_3901703671674907789_oThe UPND says the PF wants to use the referendum to confuse people during voting in order to manipulate the outcome of the elections.

And UPND Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Mwamba has bemoaned the level of poverty created by the PF on the Copperbelt saying poverty is even visible on the faces of citizens in Mufulira.

On August 11, 2016, Zambians will be voting for the president, members of parliament, mayors, and councilors. On top of that, the PF has added a referendum on this same day and at the same time. This means a  voter will go in the booth to vote on five items.

But United Party for National Development Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Mwamba says Zambians need to know what they will be voting for during the forthcoming Referendum which will be held alongside the 2016 General Elections.

Mr. Mwamba told Mufulira residents Wednesday afternoon that people do not even know what a referendum is and what they are supposed to vote for in that referendum.


Mr Mwamba told a cheering crowd that this is just one of the many tricks the PF wants to use to rig elections. He advised people to ignore the referendum in the voting booths if the PF won’t properly explain to them what it is.


He said without them knowing what they are voting for or against, citizens should abstain from the process as it is wrong for them to take part in something they do not know or understand.


The opposition leader has however urged Zambians to turn up in large numbers during the 2016 General elections so as to choose leaders that will care about their needs.


Mr. Mwamba said staying away will only give an advantage to a party with bad policies to be in government presiding over their affairs.


And Mr. Mwamba has promised Zambians that no foreigner will be allowed to do businesses that locals can do.


The former Defence Minister in the ruling Patriotic Front adds that foreign investors in the UPND government will not override locals’ businesses as proper regulation will be put in place unlike the current situation were some investors have come to Zambia to do simple businesses like selling chickens and vegetables.


Meanwhile, Mr. Mwamba says people need to redeem themselves from poverty come August 11 2016 elections.


He further cautioned against voting on tribal lines but that people should vote considering who will help them acquire essential commodities at reasonable prices.


And speaking at the same Rally, former Lubansenshi Independent Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka says Zambia is bigger than one tribe and that all people should be embraced.


Mr. Mucheleka has since urged people to embrace each other as no grouping was more important than the other in Zambia.


United Democratic Front President Miles Sampa asked Zambians to forget about tribal nonsense as it will not bring development to the nation.


Sampa told Mufulira residents that poverty does not chose what tribe a person is.

“When they were retrenching you from Mopani mines, did they ask what tribe you are? When you go to the bank and find there is no money, did they ask you what tribe you are? When they send you bills for your children’s school fees which you can’t afford to pay, do they ask you what tribe you are? ‘Sampa asked Mufulira residents.

GBM and his team are holding rallies on the Copperbelt ahead of the main rally to be held in Kitwe on Saturday.

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