GBM speaks out on tribalism

Kasama Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) has said he is not a tribalist.
GBM was quoted by radio Phoenix Thursday morning saying that his being labeled a tribalist was just politics.
He said, ‘if you look at my driver who is driving me, the chap is Mambwe.’
GBM said it is just ‘rubbish and nonsense from MMD’ and that he will not allow it. He said even people who introduced hi m into politics were not his tribesmen.
During the run up to the Kasama central by-election, GBM was quoted as having said that Kasama is for Bembas.
Meanwhile, GBM has advised the people of Kasama to give him project proposals for him to fund.
GBM said that he wants to make sure that at the end of his tenure, there should be something to point at.
GBM defeated the MMD candidate in Kasama will a very wide margin.

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