GBM team missing in Mansa elections

The team for Defence Minister Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba  is visibly absent in the Mansa Parliamentary by-elections allegedly because the Patriotic Front candidate in the by-elections is a member of the pro- Wynter Kabimba group a source from within the PF campaign team has told the Zambian Watchdog.
The source said the intra- party wrangles taking place in Lusaka has affected the performance of the PF campaigns in Mansa.” We are divided. Have you seen anyone from the GBM camp here? No. in Chipata Central and Mkaika team Wynter did not participate and here team GBM is not participating in campaigns so how  do we win? the source asked. The source said team GBM had its own prefered candidate a Mr. Chola but team Wynter won. ” May be they will come with the President tomorrow but of what value will they be if they come on Tuesday and elections are on Friday? the source asked.

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