GBM warns Avic International crooks

GBM warns Avic International crooks



Owning a property or properties is one of the fundamental principles of Capitalist economies.

In most jurisdictions statutorily, indignants and Foreigners have flexible access in property acquisition in capitalist economies, Zambia is not exempted from these realities.

Well managed capitalist economies promotes the sense of ownership by indigenants on individual basis or collectively.

NRDC is a learning institution domiciled and built on the Zambian soil, the institution was strategically built on a prime land so that it meets all the faculty requirements the institution may be offering, with sufficient space for expansion through the passage of time.

The institution since inception in the first Republic, has never received sufficient funding and attention it deserves for its growth, despite it being the most important institution given the type of programs it offers and the bearing they have on our economy.

The long abandoned prime land of this institution without improvement or development finally found itself in dangerous hands of the big time thieves of the Patriotic Front’s Edgar Chagwa Lungu led administration.

Zambia is blessed with abundant vast prime land across the country which can be developed if genuine investors are found. But one thing is certain, today’s majority Zambian investors mostly our brothers and sisters from outside don’t seem to mean well to the Republic given the fact that the large portion of our resources are enjoyed by outsiders leaving the indigenants with leftovers, which gives birth to high crime rates, Malnutrition, high Mortality rate, high levels of unemployment, Tax evasion, Victimisation in places of work, prioritising expatriate services et cetra et cetra.

As UPND, we wish to put it clear, that we have no grudge against any meaningful investor in Zambia, given the fact that all nations of this planet are interdependent, non is self-sufficient. Gone are the days when Britain espoused and practiced the “Policy of Splendid Isolation” on the international scene.

Avic International Project Engineering Company is a big time construction company, which has tremendously added value to the growth of our economy through its various projects it has had and completed within the timeframe stipulated.

However, it is the duty of every investor to be honest and trustworthy in the execution of their contractual duties, be it local or foreign, all are obligated to do what is within the limits of their contractual description. Additionally, things must be made clear and records must be put straight now with regards to Avic international Project Company’ s operations in Zambia.

In the matter of NRDC prime land and Avic International Project Engineering company, entering a memorandum of understanding on the alleged construction of the new Institution and a financial centre as evidenced in the MOU which is accessible by any willing patriot of this country. The company must understand that we have a statute known as Land Compulsory Acquisition Act.

The case of UNIP versus Attorney General should help this company to understand how the State can compulsorily acquire a once privately owned property.

In an event that your activities (Avic International Project Engineering company) at NRDC are found to be wanting, you will be doing your business at your own risk because what belongs to the people of Zambia will very soon be given back to the people of Zambia. Avic, be reminded that any dealings with the soon outgoing PF regime which is not in tandem with our laws will be our number one priority to see to it that sanity is place by reversing all illegal activities or transactions.

Beware or not even reminding you to be aware, because you are already privy to the many illegal activities of the Patriotic Front regime, that PF has severally abrogated many of our regulating statutes in their administration of our public affairs. Therefore, run away from there illegal activities and own properties legitimately and do clean investment on our land because we need you.

Any scandalous business transaction with the PF is an impending time bomb. Therefore, with the help of your legal counsels see how better you can avoid inconveniences of legal battles in the near future.

For your own information Avic, many PF members have already booked themselves their names on the criminal cause list and are just waiting for their term to come to an end so that criminal proceedings are instituted against them.

As UPND we mean serious business when we say zero tolerance to corruption. If you want to go ahead with the NRDC transactions, then do it at your own risk.

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